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Canter 3.5t

The Canter in the 3.5-t category a powerful addition to your fleet with outputs ranging from 96 kW (130 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp)

3.5t Features
In the 3.5-t segment, the Canter's robust frame construction has ample reserves when you need to carry heavy loads day in, day out.

The powerhouse in the 3.5-t category: the Canter developing 96 kW (130 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp) combined with the unique DUONIC fully automated dual clutch transmission* and Eco Mode for fuel-saving operation.

Even at high average speeds, low fuel consumption keeps this model economical to run - without forcing you to compromise on payload.

The new Canter, now with independent suspension (3.5-t only), makes for precise handling in the city and a relaxed drive on almost any road surface. The new independent suspension enhances ride comfort and driving dynamics. Efficient solutions for your business.

Engines & Transmission
The driving force behind your success
The engine in the new Canter delivers high torque even at low revs. Advanced technologies to clean exhaust emissions also make our Euro 5 engines EEV-compliant.* The optional new idle stop/start (ISS) function also lets you further reduce fuel consumption in manual mode or when using the DUONIC transmission compared to the predecessor model.

Designed with one thing in mind: your business.

A cab interior design that is intuitively tailored to the precise needs of the driver is vital to successful deployment in any and every context. Everything - from the way the switches are arranged to the clearly structured multifunctional display - focuses on one goal and one goal alone: keeping the driver's mind on the traffic.

3.5t Chassis
The new Canter: enhanced comfort and a higher payload

The new Canter. Enhanced comfort and more payload capacity for your business. One of six high-strength frames in the 3.5-t range, makes your everyday work that much easier. With improved suspension for driver and cargo.

With a design which is optimised for easy body mounting and makes maximum use of the road footprint with an optimum loading length. The result: a boost to your transport efficiency.

Independent front suspension

The new Canter spoils you for comfort and convenience. In the 3.5t models, independent front suspension delivers masterful track stability and steering precision. Better still, improved driving dynamics and superior suspension do not come at the expense of smaller payloads. The revamped axle delivers a minimal turning circle – a huge benefit if you ever find yourself in a tight corner.

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